Dima Al Sheikhly On What It’s Really Like To Be A Social Media Influencer

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Dima Al Sheikhly outside the Elie Saab show during Paris Fashion Week @dimasheikhly

We obsess over their envy-inducing snaps on social media, but what is it really like to be an influencer?

With over 315 thousand followers on Instagram, Dima Al Sheikhly is a social media influencer who is known for her glamorous and chic fashion looks. Born and raised in Iraq, the 22 year old brunette beauty now lives in Dubai where she works with brands such as Chaumet, Fendi, Laura Mercier, Charlotte Tilbury, Dior, YSL and Sisley. MOJEH.com caught up with the rising star to find out what it’s really like to be an influencer in today’s modern world.

What does the term “social media influencer” mean to you?
Influencers hold the power to “influence” others, but it’s the way you use that power that defines you. I believe influencers (or anyone with a presence on social media) should always spread the right kind of energy, encouragement and happiness.


How would you describe a day in your life?
A typical weekday for me involves working on projects and trying to show as much as I can behind the scenes to my followers. As for the weekend, I usually spend it with the people I love or doing things that make me happy (like horse riding or watching Netflix in bed).

How did you initially build up your social media following?
When you do what you love and spread that love to the world you will attract positive followers. I like to focus on quality over quantity and have never cared about “the number”, but rather the “type” of people following me.


What are the perks of being an influencer?
One of the perks of being a social media influencer is networking with inspiring people from different industries. This platform has given me a chance to meet a lot of famous people who have inspired me to pursue the world of fashion. Another huge perk is that people from all over the world approach me just to say hi, which is really heartwarming.

And what are the negative aspects?
Dealing with negativity and degrading comments is unfortunately part of the job. It can be incredibly draining so mentally you need to have a thick skin if you want to be an influencer.

Do you have any tips for getting the perfect Instagram shot?
Perfect shots are hard to come by, but I think the key is to keep your photo simple, ensure you have great lightening, and always smile.


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