Short-Haul Escapes



May 2017

Whether it’s a luxe getaway to an exclusive resort surrounded by water or an enthralling jaunt to undiscovered territories, the summer is an ideal time to beat the heat and see a new part of the world.


Into the East

In MOJEH Issue 45 we looked into the raw beauty and cultural vibrancy of Europe’s best-kept secret, its Eastern countries. Offering rich historical heritage, untouched beaches and the thrill of unchartered terrain, destinations within Eastern Europe have become increasingly popular. Places such as Georgia are replacing previously popular destinations like Paris and London as travellers look to encompass experiences over acquisition with an increasing desire to try something new. Georgia’s green, sweeping valleys and mountainous ranges will resonate with the outside adventurer, while its capital, Tbilisi, takes us on a journey of architectural education. See the full feature here.