Short-Haul Escapes



May 2017


Whether it’s a luxe getaway to an exclusive fashion-led resort surrounded by water or an enthralling jaunt to undiscovered territories, May is an ideal time to lock down your travel itinerary for the fast approaching Eid break. 


Solo Travel

Female explorers such as Jeanne Baret and Amelia Earhart have long inspired us with their ambition, independence and courage to break through gender barriers in search of undiscovered territories. This drive still resonates with women today. Whether it be for its therapeutic benefits or a way of self-indulgence, its effects are positive and can have a long-lasting sway on your wellbeing. MOJEH recently spoke to nomad Lisa Eldridge, founder of Girl about the Globe, to get her expert tips on how to get the most out of your first solo trip. See the full write up here.