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October 2017

Photographed by Borna Ahadi
Photographed by Borna Ahadi

Fashion stylist, dancer and all-round mover and shaker, Doha Challah speaks with us about her passion for the arts in MOJEH51. Here we tease three highlights from our interview.


What does fashion mean to you?

I’m not a person who is fixated on trends; fashion to me is an authentic form of self-expression. You can really identify with your mood, confidence, and vulnerability through your choice of clothing. People’s style fuels my curiosity about their personality and how they want to be perceived. Secretly, I’m a style voyeur… Am I revealing too much?


How does fashion and art connect?

I collect art because I love to immerse myself in it; each piece represents a thought-provoking emotion that my husband and I can relate to. As for fashion, I have a less complicated process. Perhaps the common aesthetics between the two is form, ambiguity and desire. But unlike my collection, my personal style is more understated and abstract, mostly with an edge.


Has your taste evolved throughout the years?

Sometimes my heart (and mind) become set on something, and usually those pieces are the ones that stand the test of time, largely because of what they represent to me. However, going to galleries, reading about artists and visiting museums help refine my taste and train the eye.