Burberry Will No Longer Burn Unsold Luxury Goods



September 2018

burning unsold goods
Burberry SS18

The brand wants to be more socially and environmentally responsible

British luxury label Burberry has announced it will stop burning unsold goods immediately after receiving fierce criticism from environmental campaigners for burning around $37 million (136 million AED) worth of clothing and cosmetics this past summer.

The practice of burning merchandise is often used as a safeguard to prevent unwanted items being stolen or sold at a significant discount and in that way eroding the high-end price tags they can command in stores.

At the time, Burberry said that it destroyed only items that carried its trademark and that the burning of cosmetics was a one-off action related to a license with the beauty company Coty. A Burberry spokesman said that when it burned products, it did so “in a responsible manner.”

In an effort to preserve its brand, Burberry said it would stop destroying unsold merchandise and it would also stop selling products that used real animal fur.

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