Alternative Festivals Around The World

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Every cultural festival is different, and each one carries an opportunity to participate in community, appreciate art and widen our world lens. We’re listing our pick of top five transformative festivals as your next destination for an enriching experience.

Midnight Sun Festival, Finland

Midnight Sun Festival, Finland

Midnight Sun Film Festival

Best choice for Indie cinema enthisiasts

When: 15-19 June 2016

What: Now in its 30th season, the unique festival brings together leading international and Finnish directors to showcase their work in the magical atmosphere in the everlasting sunlight of Lapland, Sodankylä where the sun never sets in summer and films are premiered 24 hours a day. 

Where: Sodankylä, Finland

Oasis Festival, Marrakech, Morocco

Oasis Festival, Marrakech, Morocco

Oasis Festival

Best choice for alternative music lovers

When: 16-18 September 2016

What: Taking place in the culture rich city of Marrakech, the music festival is a much more relaxing and enriching in experience than its other counterparts. Throw in the Moroccan sun, the pools and the views of the Atlas mountains, along with local street food accompanied with yoga, meditation and wellness activities on site and you have the recipe for the perfect getaway.

Where: The Source, Marrakech, Morocco

Festival Of Lights, Berlin, Germany

Festival Of Lights, Berlin, Germany

Festival Of Lights

Best choice for the tech-savvy

When: 7-16 October 2016

What: The Brandenburg Gate, the TV Tower, the Berliner Dom Cathedral, the Funkturm Radio tower and many other historical buildings and squares in the divine city of Berlin light up with the colourful light projections each night during this 22 year old festival, celebrating arts and technology in the German capital.

Where: Attic Dream, Berlin, Germany

Contemporary Istanbul, Turkey

Contemporary Istanbul, Turkey

Contemporary Istanbul

Best choice for art lovers

When: 3-6 November 2016

What: Turkey’s leading international art fair, Contemporary Istanbul, brings both local and international focus to the dynamic art scene in Istanbul’s vibrant metropolis. It’s worth making a trip for the Turkish delights of culture, culinary and artistic experiences, for Basel and Frieze enthusiasts who would enjoy a chance of atmosphere. 

Where: The Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center, Turkey

Cambridge Literature Winter Festival, UK

Cambridge Literature Winter Festival, UK

Cambridge Literature Winter Festival

Best choice for bookworms

When: 27 November 2016

What: The winter edition of Cambridge’s Literary Festival is perfect for those who seek to spend their downtime amongst the world’s freshest thinkers. From novelists, poets, editors and critics, to scientists, politicians, historians and entertainers, the festival allows attendees to celebrate their love for literature while soaking in the cultural richness of Cambridgeshire.

Where: 7 Downing Place, Cambridge, United Kingdom