5 Interior Decorating Secrets

2 min read

Longtime friends Ayah Halawani and Nada Al Bahri are the founders of Nook – a stylish boutique nestled in the heart of the UAE that specialises in home décor. Brimming with Scandinavian inspired, minimalist accessories, this contemporary and modern concept store offers pieces sourced from Denmark, Morocco, France and Australia, to name just a few. Exclusively for MOJEH, the duo share five of their most coveted interior designing tips to make transforming your home that little bit easier.

1. Use a white space as your canvas. This helps create the illusion of a bigger space and gives a more airy feel to the room. A white backdrop also means that each individual piece of furniture will be able to shine and assert its presence. It is a neutral medium to hold all the pieces of the composition together, and makes it more flexible to add to in the future.

2. Plants and art pieces are your best bet when you need to add life to your space. With art, avoid ornaments and highly decorated pieces and focus instead on the art that will set the mood and assert the personality of the space. Give each accessory piece enough room for it to stand out. You may opt to invest in unique pieces with an edge rather than many pieces that don’t add much to the space and composition – always quality over quantity!

3. Don’t be afraid to introduce textures to the space. From fabrics to woods to plastics, the variety of materials creates warmth and the ‘lived-in’ feeling that is much sought after. Play with colour, that’s also a great way to liven up a space. While the occasional pop of colour is great, be sure to stick to a limited palette and tonality for a consistent and harmonious outcome.

4. Light plays an important role in rendering the space. Allow daylight to flow in through your windows wherever possible to highlight all the furniture and accent decoration pieces in your home. To enhance the effect, invest in a centerpiece light fixture that would lighten up the space in the evenings. Track lights and spots are also a subtle but effective way to introduce light to darker and corner spaces.

5. Do not do it all at once. Adding to the space slowly will allow you to assess where you would really need to add another piece and where you should let the empty space shine through. Carefully selecting the items you as you go will not only avoid cluttering the space, but will allow you to really personalise it and develop a bond with each of the items that will become part of your home.