Ramadan 2018: How to Do Iftar the Healthy Way in Dubai

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It’s time to jump on the green bandwagon and break your fast at one of these 5 healthy Ramadan Iftars

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Fasting all day doesn’t mean one needs to overindulge on massive spreads and sumptuous feasts prepared for the sunset meal. Iftars can be healthy, light and just as satisfying. We break down the 5 healthy Ramadan Iftars for the health conscious MOJEH woman to try out in Dubai.

Comptoir 102
Offering all things organic, vegan and gluten-free is exactly why Dubai’s health aficionados call this place home. The café, which sources all its ingredients from local organic farms, features innovative and seasonal dishes alongside a jam packed drinks menu of smoothies and juices to fuel up on. They even make their own almond milk, the perfect accompaniment to take home for those late night Sohours.

With their Ramadan motto to nourish and heal, Sesame promises to cleanse your system from months of bad eating. The health-conscious destination focuses on bringing flavour and taste from across the world to plant based foods and dishes created from scratch. Their take on Arabian flavours will have you indulging on dishes like roasted beets with whipped labneh, pomegranate lamb meatballs, falafel waffles and orange polenta cake with saffron and orange blossom.

Ever wondered what bone broth tastes like? Quench you thirst and rehydrate with the vitamin, mineral and antioxidant loaded health concoction Hapi is known for. From chargrilled proteins to coconut rice and soft served ice cream made from scratch, the menu here is simple, good quality wholesome foods. Don’t forget to try their saffron bread and butter pudding, a new dessert made exclusively for Ramadan.

Born out of a need for a place that serves additive-free yet delicious food, this Sports City hotspot will have you looking your best from the inside out. The coffee and kitchen concept, created by Nathalie Haddad, is all about organic fare, wholesome sandwiches and deliciously naughty goodies. Fancy a burger? Their low carb versions ditch the bun, using buttery avocado slices to sandwich hormone-free protein. The menu is also full of wonderful cold pressed juices and locally roasted brew coffees to choose from. Just enjoy them straw-free as Nathalie’s joined the world-wide Skip the Straw initiative to help the environment and promote ocean health.

Urth by Nabz & G
Driven by a mutual passion for food that’s good for both body and soul, founders Ghalia Alul and Nabih Al-Momaiz are on a mission to end the perception that wholesome means tasteless. Here traditional favourites take on a vegan, vegetarian and raw twist with innovative dishes like plant-based spaghetti and meatballs and a quinoa patty Buddha burger.