Tried And Tested: Three Things Every 30 Year Old Should Treat Their Skin To

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Always start early, especially when it comes to anti-ageing. MOJEH recommends these three simple additions to your beauty regime

Babor Reversive Facial
The Reversive Facial treatment – available at Dubai’s Steigenberger hotel – works to reactivate the skin’s protective, renewal and repair mechanisms, resulting in faster defence against components that may accelerate ageing. (UV rays, environmental pollution, poor dieting and so forth). Using a medley of products from German beauty brand Babor’s Reversive range – including an eye cream, concentrated serum and night treatment – high-performance active ingredients help to minimise the appearance of minor flaws. Telovitin, agicyl, epocyl and lumicol help to retain the radiance, luminosity and elasticity associated with youthful skin.
MOJEH Recommends: Visit the Steigenberger hotel as your final call for the day. The 90 minute relaxing treatment which clarifies skin and pumps in intensive formulas, is best enjoyed right before bed time and without make-up being re-applied. Also indulge in the spa’s relaxation area for a real treat.
Aed660, The Spa at Steigenberger Hotel, +971 4 3690045

Facial Yoga
“Facial Yoga massage is so great, it works on the physical muscles and tissues to soften, ease tension and give you a natural radiance,” says Abigail James, celebrity facialist and skincare expert for Rituals Cosmetics. “It also has a great effect on the mind.” Abigail also stresses the importance of a good cleanser prior to using any form of anti-ageing product. “Your routine should really start with this at morning and night. If you get your cleansing right then the rest of your skincare will be able to work more effectively,” she explains. “The Rituals Glow range focuses on achieving key skin conditions that you might experience in your 30’s such as wanting to achieve radiance hydration, firmness and glowing skin.”
For tips in applying your Glow products using the facial yoga method, check out Abigail’s tutorials.

Anti-Ageing Face Oil, as part of the Rituals Glow range


Pollution Defence Lotions 

When it comes to turning back time, many women look straight towards the obvious lotions and potions: serums, eye-creams and anti-ageing formulas. But what is often overlooked is preventative measure such as pollution defence. If living in a city like Dubai or London, pollution is a way of life but the smog and dirt has detrimental effects on skin by starving pores of oxygen. Skin in turn becomes dry, irritated and more importantly, can loose elasticity and that’s when wrinkles start to develop. Consider the below MOJEH approved formulas for daily pollution defence.

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