Three Hair Products Every Girl Needs For The Dubai Summer

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The Ebbs and Flows of Summer, photographed by Dimitri Hyacinthe. MOJEH 58

Three products you shouldn’t be without this summer – Pastels Salon senior hair stylist, Julian Kempster, shares his easy fixes for locking in moisture during Dubai’s intense heat

“For many living here, hair can feel dry and fine due to three factors which are quite specific to the UAE,” says Julian Kempster, senior stylist at Pastels Salon, Ritz-Carlton Dubai Marina. We’ve all heard it over and over: the desalinated water; the air conditioning which saps the moisture out of the hair; and the lack of seasons in the UAE. “There is a constant stress on the hair due to excessive and prolonged sun exposure, which dries the hair out.” Julian recommends Moroccan Oil as a good starting point when it comes to natural oils. It can be used as a basic moisturiser, heat protector, or over-night hair treatment. But, getting your hands on the product means a trip overseas. Instead, try these three fixes.

“One thing to keep in mind is the misconception that if hair is damaged, it lacks moisture. What is more often true is that the locks are broken and by adding moisture, you’re merely smoothing over damaged hair. In reality, you should fix the hair with protein products (such as the above), before expecting treatments to enhance the condition of your hair,” explains Julian.

If your hair is damaged and you want to kick the refresh button, try these shorter cuts for summer.