The Treatment: Bio Lift & Bio Light Facial

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Get glowing, gorgeous skin like this with a Bio Lift & Bio Light facial at Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai

If your skin is showing signs of fatigue, give it a lift with a Bio Lift & Bio Light Facial at the spa at the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai. Targeting tired, ageing skin this multistage treatment focuses on lifting and brightening using state-of-the-art microcurrent technology and LED light therapy, paired with Ling New York skincare products which are only available at MO in Dubai.

The 90-minute treatment begins with an obligatory deep cleanse using thick and creamy Ling skincare products to remove all traces of make-up. The therapist, Jovana’s hands glide across face, neck and decolletage massaging away toxins and blockages in one swift, seamless motion. Deeply relaxing as much as it is deeply cleansing, this facial is packed full of massage, so expect to drift in and out of consciousness at every stage.

VIP Spa Lounge at Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah

Once skin is clean and prepped, the real work begins. A deliciously scented pineapple and almond Triple Action Exfoliator sloughs away the top layer of cells, assisted by a bit of steam. With pores wide open, under an unforgiving spotlight Jovana begins the mildly uncomfortable process of extraction to remove stubborn blackheads across the T-Zone – a must during summer when skin is at it’s most decongested.

The Volclayno Charcoal Detox mask – a volcanic clay mask – is applied to further detox the skin, and as it dries more massage takes place, this time over the neck and shoulders. A second hydrating Ginseng Therapy Moisture mask follows, infused with glycogen and aloe designed to tone and balance.

The real star products of the Bio Lift & Bio Light facial are Ling’s Solve serums which focus on numerous skin problems, from redness to dehydration. Applied to targeted areas, the serums are infused deep into the skin using the microcurrent machine which helps to push the product further into the epidermis.

Designed to stimulate the muscle, the microcurrent results in a visible lift in the face and tighter, firmer skin immediately. Paired with the addition of the skin-brightening LED light, which can be adjusted to different colours to treat different skin issues, this facial is an instant pick-me-up for an imminent event, or a longer-term focus for achieving a younger-looking, firmer and more lifted face with a glowing complexion. Dhs1,100, 90 minutes,