The 7 Best Face Masks For All Skin Types

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Whether you’re battling dryness, acne or fine lines, these hard-working face masks have got your back…

Remember the days when a face mask was seen as a pampering luxury? When you would wait all week for Thursday evening when you could run a long bath, light some candles and apply your mud mask for a little me-time? Well gone are the days when a face mask was an excuse to lie still for those precious minutes – 2020’s versions have seriously upped their game.

From acne and redness to fine lines and wrinkles, nowadays there is a mask for all skincare issues. They are the perfect pick-me-ups for when your skin is feeling stressed, when you’ve not managed to cram in eight-hours sleep, or if you simply need a little help in the glow department before a big event.

Here, MOJEH rounds up the best face masks you can buy for 2020, whatever your skin concern may be.

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