Six Questions With Dr. Yannis Alexandrides

3 min read

What led you to launch the 111Skin Radiant Skin Beauty Dose? 
Even though I’m a surgeon, my ethos is prevention. I wanted to develop supplements that can be taken as a protective and reparative measure against aggressors which cause cells to go into oxidative stress – the biggest cause of ageing internally and externally.

Do you believe skin health starts from inside the body? 
As a doctor, my interest has always been how the body functions, what interferes with these processes, and how I can fix any issues. As with any organ, the functionality and state of skin is heavily affected by what we put into our body, for example a lack of hydration makes skin appear dull and increases dark under eye circles. It’s important to ensure that your body is receiving its recommended daily allowance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants through a well-balanced, varied diet, and supported with supplements.

Why are ingestible beauty products so important? In your opinion are they the most effective way to healthy skin?
Truly healthy skin is created on the inside, not the out. A lot of skincare products tend to look after the top layers of skin and, while they have a positive effect on the appearance, the benefits are superficial and temporary. In order for skin to maintain its own health, it needs to be nurtured by ingredients that will take care of the deeper layers and improve cellular function. Ingestible beauty products such as supplements are an effective way of delivering key skin-enhancing ingredients to the deeper layers of skin where they can be utilised properly by cells.

What are key ingredients one should look for when purchasing ingestible beauty products?
As skin gets older or is exposed to environmental aggressors, it produces free radicals which make cells malfunction – so antioxidants are a key ingredient to look for. In 111SKIN Radiant Skin Beauty Dose we have gone one step further and included NAC Y2, which enhances intracellular production of master antioxidant Glutathione within skin; providing it with the best environment for healing itself.

Do you think ingestible products are gaining momentum within the skincare industry, if so why?

Good nutrition has been a growing trend, with people being even more conscious about what they’re putting into their bodies, so it comes as no surprise that consumers are seeking products that will improve their skin through the ‘you-are-what-you-eat’ philosophy. I would advise consumers to always check the ingredients to ensure they are getting the best from supplementation, and to always stick to the usage instructions as over-ingestion of some vitamins can cause problems.

What effects can we expect the 111Skin Radiant Skin Beauty Dose to have on our skin and health?
With its full spectrum antioxidant and vitamin content, 111SKIN Radiant Beauty Dose works to increase skin’s own natural reparative processes; the complexion will be completely rejuvenated with a radiant glow, and the often-neglected skin on the body will be smoothed and refined. An additional benefit is to nails and hair, which are both part of our skin; hair will be shinier, and nails will be stronger.