Rima’s Beauty Bag

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Our April issue explores sisters in business with designers behind Dinz divulging their tips for sisterly success. Afterwards we explored the beauty cabinet of Rima Zahran to find out the beauty secrets we all want to know.

By Charlotte Codd

What is your daily beauty routine? 

I use a light moisturiser in the morning followed by an eyecream then SPF 50 then my usual make up. I think good quality make up is key to having good skin because we have it on all day. My personal favourite is the caviar range by La Prairie. Then at night I remove my make up with wipes and cleanse very well. My new favourite cleanser is by a German brand called Babor, it has really changed my skin. It’s a 2-step cleanser but after washing your face you feel glowing and mositurised so I don’t even use anything after that. The same brand also has these amazing ampules called Fluids FP that I use if I have a shoot or a big event and my skin looks amazing in pictures, like I have a natural shimmer.

Any treatments that you swear by? 

Honestly, I hardly ever get treatments just because I take good care of my skin at home. I exfoliate once a week with the Japanese rice scrub from The Body Shop, which is incredible. I cleanse well and keep my skin very hydrated. The only thing that can truly change skin is water. The more water I drink the better my skin is.

What will we always find on your beauty shelf?

 La Prairie Caviar products and Lancôme SPF 50.

How do you stay in shape?

I have 2 crazy young kids and I’m very hands on. I run 2 companies so sitting down is a luxury I only get on very special occasions.

What are your top healthy places to eat out?

My current favourite is Zahr El Laymoun in Souk Al Bahar. Their food is full of flavour yet they hardly use any oil at all, everything is fresh and they do not fry anything. Excellent and clean food.

Favourite healthy food you can’t live without?

Boring but true, salad. I’m not too much of a health freak, I just believe in balance but I can’t have a meal without a side salad.

Rima's Instagram reveals a rainbow of healthy food.

What products will we find in your make-up bag?

Always La Prarie foundation and concealer, Nars blush, Bobbi Brown Bronzer and Lancôme mascara.

If you only have 5 minutes, what are your beauty essentials? Which feature would you focus on? 

Conceal those eye bags, blush to look more alive and put a bit of mascara to look fresh. Can I get an extra minute to sort out my eyebrows? I need perfect eyebrows to look polished!

Any tips for statement eyebrows? 

Don’t over pluck, try and keep your natural shape and draw in the gaps very lightly preferably not with a pencil. Personally I like to use a dark brown eyeshadow.

Top tips for keeping your strands long and strong?

The less you do to it the stronger it stays so from my experience no colouring, no perming, no keratin treatments. Just a good mask once a week.  My personal favourite is Macadamia which I get from Blow Out Salon.

Worst hair woe and how to prevent?

I lost a lot of hair after having kids and tried everything but the 2 best things I have found are prenatal vitamins and Redken Cerafill. I use the shampoo, conditioner and treatment and its excellent for preventing hair fall-out.

Favourite salon in the city?

I would say Hair Dreams in Rotana because their stylist is just so gifted, but I also go to Christina at The Loft and I’m loving it. 

Rima shows off the Dinz nail art collection with SoH and takes the time to get pampered at The Loft.

Neutral, a pop of colour or nail art?

I’m boring and classic so you will either see me in neutrals, bright red or dark red and if I’m feeling wild maybe a dark grey (twice a year!).

Top salon for a manicure?

The Dollhouse is excellent.

Top salon for nail art?

SoH for sure, they made me go from hating to nail art to checking their Instagram page daily. It’s not just regular nail art, it’s ART!

How did your collaboration with SoH come about?

We didn’t really collaborate exactly. Dina and I just LOVE SoH as a salon but also as a gallery. It’s full of great art, it’s fun, it’s colourful, has a bit of crazy and we just got along with the owner from the first time we met. Then we were looking for a place to launch our collection so SoH right away came to mind because of how fun and full of life the place is. So we rented it out and they were kind enough to create amazing nail art for us inspired from our collection. It was the coolest thing ever seeing random people have our new Dinz collection on their nails. SoH honestly nailed it, their attention to detail is like no other.

Rima with sister Dina in MOJEH issue 22 & 26, photographed by Sarvenaz Hashtroudi.