On Trend: Coconut Oil

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From lipgloss to shampoo and body scrubs, you’ll struggle to find a beauty product that doesn’t contain coconut oil these days. Tipped for greatness due to its endless healing properties, it would appear there isn’t a beauty dilemma coconut oil can’t solve. 

By Susan Devaney

Image courtesy of Corbis.

Image courtesy of Corbis.


Who knew coconut oil was the perfect hair mask? It may appear as a white solid in room temperature, but a with a little heat it turns to a liquid. After shampooing, slather your hair in oil; leave in for 5-10 minutes, then rinse. Your hair will instantly feel smooth and void of frizz. 

Monoi Body Glow II, NARS

Monoi Body Glow II, NARS


Living under the sun’s rays in Dubai can leave your skin looking a bit tired and dry. Rub coconut oil into your skin after showering for skin that’s super soft to touch. If you’re pregnant it’ll ward off stretch marks. The added bonus? It leaves you smelling great too. 


Chapped lips don’t stand a chance with hydrating coconut oil. As the seasons change, so too do our beauty needs. A touch of the stuff will quickly elevate sore, dry lips. 

Raw coconut cream, RMS Beauty

Raw coconut cream, RMS Beauty


We’re all aware of how delicate the skin under our eyes is. If you can’t seem to tame those dark circles, fine lines or puffy eyes, then simply rub a little oil into your skin. 


Rubbing some into your cracked cuticles will spring them back to shape. Or – make your perfect manicure last just that little bit longer.