How This Homegrown Brand Is Shining A Light On Climate-Conscious Beauty

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Newly launched in the Middle East, Odist is shining a light on ethical and climate-conscious beauty with the launch of 10 premium vegan make-up brushes for the face and eyes. Here, MOJEH speaks to founder, Amy Hanbury, about her exciting new venture

What can vegan brushes do for the skin’s health?
Vegan make-up brushes are generally more hygienic and better for sensitive skin types. Unlike synthetic hair, natural hair make-up brushes are more porous and will therefore absorb and hold product much longer, which can result in product and bacterial build-up. This can be aproblem for people with sensitive skin because the spread of bacteriacan lead to allergic reactions and even cause acne. In this case,synthetic vegan brushes are a much better choice to prevent such anoccurrence.

What can they do for a beauty regime?
High-quality vegan brushes generally offer a denser application of make-up because they don’t hold a cuticle. Essentially, this means the bristles absorb less product than natural hair make-up brushes, therefore allowing you to get more from your make-up products. We’ve spent the last two years developing three high performing brush types that work with range of textures and formulas so that every type of application is seamless, whether you’re working with liquid, cream,powder or gel products.

What inspired you to launch Odist?
Offering luxury make-up brushes is a way of contributing to someone else’s artistic vision and spirit – and I love that. I felt the Middle East lacked a homegrown brand offering luxury vegan brushes that’s backed by responsible values. I firmly believe that animals shouldn’t have to suffer for our vanity. I wanted to create high-performing veganbrushes that deliver outstanding results and will stand the test of time.


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