8 New Fragrance Launches To Know For Spring

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With plenty of new fragrance launches this spring, there is a spritz for every mood and occasion

The year has flown by at lightning speeds and summer is well and truly underway (if you live in the scorching Middle East, anyway). With warmer climes comes lighter fragrances of fruits and florals, swapping shifts with ambers, sandalwoods and patchouli. Hop on the beauty bandwagon and ditch your winter go-to in favour of the season’s newest perfume launches.

Lychee Rose Eau De Parfum, Nest New York

New York-based Nest fragrances arrives in the region with Lychee Rose, a refreshing, summer-ready scent bursting with lychee, raspberry and rose, enhanced by celebratory pink bubbles. The fragrance was inspired by the founder’s trip to Tuscany for a wedding celebration in which the happy couple were surrounded by roses while guests snacked on rose-flavoured macarons and raspberries. Lightweight and long-lasting, it’s the perfect companion for sun-drenched picnics and summer dates. Available exclusively at Sephora Middle East

Imperial Tea, Kilian Paris

Bathe in a cloud of tradition with the latest from Kilian Paris, which pays homage to Chinese tea-drinking traditions through notes of jasmine and green tea accord. Uplifted by the brightness of bergamot, Imperial Tea also infuses rare laminaria seaweed into the concoction, mimicking the freshness of an ocean breeze and making this scent ideal for seaside summer strolls (or for those in the office suffering from severe wanderlust). Shop now

Mandarino Di Sicilia, Acqua Di Parma

When one thinks of summer, images of bike rides along fruit tree-lined lanes come to mind, as do tablescapes abundant in arrangements of citrus and freshly squeezed juice offering respite from the sun. Acqua Di Parma harnesses the brightness of a Sicilian summer into Mandarino di Sicilia; notes of green mandarin, lemon and red orange begin an olfactory journey that winds through heart notes of spearmint before settling on the comfort of cedarwood. Acqua Di Parma has also unveiled the limited-edition Mandarino Millesimato which incorporates oranges specially harvested in 2022 and is limited to – you guessed it! – 2022 pieces. Shop now

Les Épures de Parfum, Cartier

Cartier’s perfumer Mathilde Laurent creates a bouquet of lilac, citrus, magnolia, lily of the valley and rose for the House’s latest fragrance collection, Les Épures de Parfum. Each fragrance champions one of the aforementioned ingredients, presenting them in their purest forms to honour the perfection of Mother Nature’s creations and in reference to the jewellery-making Maison’s affinity for pure and precious stones. For instance, Pur Lilas takes lilac, a flower that blooms once a year, and captures a moment in time, while Pur Rose champions the powerful simplicity of an ingredient often used as a complement. Shop now

Love Delight, Amouage

Amouage is a household name among fragrance aficionados the world over thanks to its complex yet harmonious concoctions crafted from luxurious ingredients. The Omani Maison has welcomed a new fragrance to its dreamy The Secret Garden collection in the form of Love Delight – a gourmand, floral scent blooming with romance and nods to the region. The sweetness of Arabian delights is reimagined through the Honey Glazed Pastry accord – which features notes of pastry, nuts, orange blossom and rose water – complemented by heliotrope and jasmine. Delicious. Shop now

Ilio, Diptyque

Rediscover Diptyque’s Ilio fragrance this season as it reemerges adorned in artwork inspired by the Mediterranean coast. The brand-new bottle houses the well-loved fragrance, which champions prickly pear with subtle notes of iris and jasmine. Add extra oomph with the Ilio hair mist and face and body mist, or indulge in the entire summer collection with the House’s first-ever valise full of fragrance essentials. Shop now

Nuit D’egypte, Chloé

Nuit D’egypte, the latest addition to the beloved Nomade collection, is an ode to Chloé founder Gaby Aghion’s Egyptian heritage. Taking cues from the reported birthplace of perfumery, kyphi, the first perfume known to mankind, is reimagined with myrrh, ginger and cinnamon. Orange blossom (sourced from Egypt, of course) adds a hint of summertime while sensual vanilla rounds-out the blend. Shop now

Gucci Bloom EDT, Gucci Beauty

Deviating from your signature scent, even when a new season beckons, is often easier said than done. The solution? Look to a summer-appropriate sibling from the same fragrance family. In the spirit of lightness, Gucci Beauty has released a lighter, eau de toilette iteration of its best-selling Gucci Bloom. It spikes the beloved floral bouquet with sparkling lemon, mandarin and bergamot, adding a sprinkle of orange blossom for good measure. Shop now

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  • Words by Savanna Smith