Lashes For Days

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Nothing better accentuates the shape of our eyes than the perfect curl of long lashes. Luxurious lashes create a certain symmetry to the overall facial proportion and it is arguably one of the most coveted symbols of beauty worldwide. But, how do those of us that haven’t been blessed with long lash DNA get the look? explores three ways to the ultimate lashes.

1. Balmain a/w16 | 2. Clinique Lash Power Flutter-To-Full Mascara

Shorter Lashes

If you’re disappointed at the length of your lashes, don’t be. There’s a way to make the thickness work to your advantage. Using Clinique’s Lash Power Flutter-to-Full mascara allows you to both emphasise the drama or keep it simple through being able to tailor the amount of formula that is used through the simple twist of a dial. This product creates a thickness and natural glow and is easy-to-use for all types of lashes.

The Dewy Lash

Sometimes eyes submerged in mascara and eye shadow just don’t appear as glamorous as you intended. On the other hand, the alternative can both illuminate your face and brighten the area around your eyes. This look is best achieved through MAC’s Gloss Coat in clear, which comes with an eye friendly brush applicator. Dabbing it onto the center of your lid and blending out onto your lashes creates dewy prominent strands of hair embedded with a demure glow. 

1. Brooks Brothers a/w16 | 2. Marc Jacobs Beauty Feather Noir Ultra-Skinny Lash Mascara


Naturalising the effect of faux-lashes or eyelash extensions by delicately cutting out the center strands is a unique trick to mimicking the effect of fluttery lashes. But this look is also best emphasised by a topcoat of Marc Jacobs Beauty Feather Noir Ultra-Skinny lash mascara. This miracle product grips and coats every lash strand giving you outrageously fluffier lashes. Dab with a gentle coat of MAC’s Gloss coat for a delicate glow.