How Sisley Is Bringing Stressed-Out Skin Back To Life

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Four weeks and four bottles – Sisley promises that’s all it takes to bring stressed-out skin back to life. Designed to capitalise on the skin’s renewal cycle of approximately 28 days, the new Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge La Cure at-home four-week system utilises concentrated botanical extracts including ginko biloba, peony, centella, yeast protein and mariposa blanca rhizome to activate the cellular processes that keep our skin looking young, smoother and refreshed. In other words, it’s ten hours of uninterrupted sleep and a juice cleanse in a bottle. MOJEH spoke to Christine D’Ornano, Sisley’s global vice president and daughter of the brand’s late founder, about its miracle-working properties.

How does stress and lifestyle affect the skin?
It’s actually been proven that behavioural ageing marks the face even more than genetic ageing – you could say that it is responsible for the majority of ageing overall! The pace of life, the stress it causes, its hardships and the lifestyle choices we make all cause us to age faster, especially when combined with previously identified environmental factors such as UVA-UVB rays, pollution and free radicals.

Why La Cure?
La Cure is perfect for any woman who wants to boost the lifecycle of her cells, especially those whose busy lifestyle and stress are causing their skin to age prematurely. From the age of 25, cellular renewal and skin self-regeneration slowdown progressively, and an intensely demanding lifestyle, stressful personal and professional life, lack of sleep and poor nutrition can accentuate these phenomena. We therefore recommend using Sisleÿa La Cure when the first signs of ageing appear.

How important is the application itself?
The best way to applyLa Cure is before any other product on thoroughly cleansed skin. It provides unequalled comfort for all skin types. But for women looking for even greater comfort, it’s possible to apply their daily skincare on top of La Cure. To see the best results, we recommend using eightpumps of product for each application for four weeks without anybreak. La Cure is accompanied by a specific tailormade techniquethat should be repeated morning and night at home throughout the four weeks to optimise its effects. Its texture is particularly suitable for massage, to provide the skin with special wellbeing.

Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge La Cure

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