I Woke Up Like This

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Image Courtesy of The Image Gate at Getty Images

Image Courtesy of The Image Gate at Getty Images

To see a photo of a model or celebrity working out has become commonplace. Whether it’s in the gym, at the beach or on a retreat, the models of the world are willingly sharing insights into their daily efforts to achieve their desired look. But why has this shift from elusive to intrusive occurred?

If you Google ‘I woke up like this’ you’ll be faced with 160 million results. From seeing it on T-shirts to hats, women all over the world have snapped up Beyonce’s latest feminist-fused hook. It’s about female empowerment: we (women) woke up looking natural, happy and healthy. This interest into ‘real’ beauty has taken hold across every aspect of society. Bygone are the days of believing supermodels didn’t have to lift a finger to look incredible. Now, we’re all in this together. The ‘realness’ being that hard work pays off for everyone – from supermodels to the girl next door.

Model Jess Gold – who is newly signed with Women Management in Paris – has utilised her Instagram account to showcase her physique, beauty and work ethic. ‘I like to show that I work hard. I’m impressed by the results of what I have achieved by doing something that I love – being active, fit and healthy,’ she says. And it’s clear that the 21-year-old Australian understands the importance of showcasing her efforts. ‘You would only get to see the end result – not all of the work that would go into producing the amazing pictures or shows. Now, everyone can have a little insight and understanding,’ she concludes. But it’s not just models who are starting out in the business that are presenting, posting and posing. The biggest names in the industry are in on it too.

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Rarely a day goes by when Brazilian beauty Adriana Lima doesn’t snap herself boxing up a storm in the gym to stay in shape. Or, without the highest earning model of the year, Gisele Bündchen, showing us herself practicing yoga, martial arts or balancing on a paddleboard in the middle of the ocean. Times have changed, society is demanding reality, inspiration and insight. Jess agrees, ‘Hilary Rhoda and Karlie Kloss always seem to be posting new and different methods of workouts for keeping in shape and maintaining a toned body. I also love that Karlie sells her own range of healthy cookies – I love baking!’

The focus is on health and fitness, not constantly counting calories. Founder of Skinny Bitch Collective and lead trainer Russell Bateman trains supermodels and athletes – having ‘gained a reputation for training the new wave of British fashion.’ His motto is ‘strong is the new skinny’ and his training sessions are all part of the ‘wellness project’. It’s a refreshing and healthy world away from, ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,’ a line famously stated by supermodel, Kate Moss. It brings only one question to the forefront: why has this shift occurred? Simply because, together, women want to see change

Images Courtesy of @karliekloss, @giselleofficial, @adrianalima (Instagram)

In Beyonce’s song ‘Flawless’ (where she repeats, ‘I woke up like this’) she conveys to women that they are beautiful without limitations. Sampled within the single is prize-winning Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, saying, ‘We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller.’ This insightful insert (which lasts a few minutes) tells us to forget what we have previously been taught, that we don’t need to pretend to be less than we are. And models don’t need to pretend to have been born beautiful. Unlike the supermodels of the Eighties – who carefully crafted the illusion of super-statuses worthy of Greek Goddesses – this decade is about truth and reality. Hence, Beyonce is saying that no matter what we do from the moment we wake up, we are flawless. So, in staying with truth and reality, models, celebrities, women will workout at the gym to improve themselves – not because society is dictating that they do so. The world is watching, literally, and we want it to.