Health Directory: Dalia Nsouli’s Doha Takeover

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A dynamic city of changes, Doha is developing at an exponential rate. Showing us how to stay healthy in her city, Dalia Nsouli shares her fitness fundementals.

By Laura Beaney

Where’s your favourite place to pick up a juice?

The Four Seasons Spa have a range of juices which they can make for you on the spot – they are designed to target specific areas. As a bonus they can also add a scoop or two of protein or lemongrass to all the drinks they make.

Where do you go for a fresh salad?

Jones the Grocer and Eatopia are my favourites. They make great salads and light sandwiches

Health food and supplement supplies…do you shop online or visit a store?

GNC and Supplement House have the largest options and so many brands to choose from.

Where can you get health-focused or toxin-free beauty products?

Dados Spa in West Bay has a nasties-free policy for all its products. I use their Mio products, which include the famous Mama Mio line for pregnant ladies. Their stretch mark and leg creams are amazing.

Where do you like to spin?

Four Seasons Hotel has great spinning and cycling classes scheduled several times per week.

Where’s your favourite place to practice yoga?

Yama Yoga studios have the best classes in any opinion, for both yoga and Pilates. They have classes for all ages and expectant mothers.

Where offers the best watersports?

The Diplomatic Club offers a wide range of watersports including paragliding, water skiing and parasailing.