Find Your Diamond’s Best Friend

3 min read

Our ‘A Deeper Love’ issue is full of bridal beauty inspiration and with a diamond saying a thousand words, it’s no wonder Instagram is the new home for engagement news. Make sure your manicure shares your excitement with a makeover that leaves people asking more than just: ‘how did he propose?’  

By Jemma Walker

Nail Art 

With your hands framing your newest sentimental jewel, it’s likely over the forthcoming weeks your digits will be the centre of attention, so there’s no better excuse for indulging in a little beauty experimentation. Whether it’s a love-themed style or a contemporary twist on a classic design, nail art is the perfect way to reflect your mood. If you haven’t already shared your news in a flurry of messages, calls and emails, add a little personality to your engagement notice with a colourful smoky twist on the classic French style. 

Images courtesy of Jessica Washick

Bridal Moodboard

Soft ivory tones with demure pale pinks have long conquered the feminine bridal mood-board, so why not give future attendees a preview of the elegance expected on the big day. With the subtle shine from the lacquer enhancing sparkles from your diamond – you’re the blushing bride before you’ve even found your venue. 

Images courtesy of Karengnails and Harvey Nichols

French Manicure

Sometimes the classics are the best and by opting for the iconic French manicure with square tips you’ll achieve an effortless look that’s easy to maintain. With spontaneous events celebrating your engagement on the horizon for the foreseeable future, it’s the universal compliment to any outfit.  

Vibrant Red

Elongate your fingers with red, pointed nails. The bold colour will draw attention to the length of your hands and the pointed tip adds practical length – after all we’re all looking for added elegance in those ring photographs. It’s the perfect way to adapt to the ever-growing trend of uniquely shaped designs and draw attention to your latest diamond-encrusted accessory. 

Sparkling Diamond

As the news spreads, all eyes will be on your ring finger, so why not decorate your nails with something just as eye-catching as your dazzling jewel. It’s a hard challenge to compete with a perfectly-cut diamond, but a silver, sparkling polish with light reflecting elements will add that extra glamour every bride-to-be needs.    

When you’ve decided on your perfect polish, share the image with us on Instagram using the hashtag #MOJEHmanicure so we can see your engagement style.