Party Prep: The Best Facials for a Festive Glow Up

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With event season full swing, MOJEH’s editors tested the best medical-grade facials in Dubai for party-ready skin. Get ready to glow into 2020… 


If you suffer from dehydrated skin, the Expert Cellular Facial at Maison Lutetia will give your visage the deeply moisturising boost it needs, with instant results for a party- perfect glow. The multi-stage, medical-grade treatment tackles tired, parched skin in seven steps using a combination of state-of-the-art technology and dermatologist- approved products to deliver moisture and nutrients deep into the epidermis.

With a focus on removing old, dead cells that cause skin to look lacklustre, the facial combines a gentle peel with exfoliation through aquabrasion, using fruit acids and vitamins to slough away old cells, and Co2 microdermabrasion to reveal dewy, fresh skin underneath. Newly-buffed skin is further treated with radiofrequency and ultrasound to lift and tone.

Dubai facials

Take on event season with an energised glow, AREA

The radiofrequency creates damage through heat which in turn boosts collagen production resulting in a plumping effect, while ultrasound improves absorption and seals in hydration when used in conjunction with hyaluronic acid.

Next up is LED light therapy which tackles uneven skin tone, scarring and pigment spots with brightening results, and a bio cellulose mask is applied to further lock in moisture. After 90 minutes of infusing skin with goodness, it’s smoother, plumper and brighter, ready to take on event season with an energised glow. Dhs1,500 at Maison Lutetia, +971 4 706 4000 


Favoured by Gwyneth Paltrow and Halle Berry, Aesthetics International is the first clinic to bring iS Clinical’s Fire & Ice facial to Dubai. But don’t mistake the name for a painful procedure (there is no fire or ice involved), as the most you’ll feel is a slight tingle and warmth to the skin. Those with a low pain threshold, fear not.

Offering a highly-advanced skincare regime with zero downtime and instant results, this facial will transform your skin in just 50 minutes – tried, tested, confirmed. Suitable for all skin types, this medical-grade treatment combines the goodness of a facial with a chemical peel in multiple pain-free steps to achieve rejuvenated and hydrated skin.

Halpern AW19

Silky-smooth and hydrated skin, HALPERN

To start, your skin will undergo a satisfying deep cleanse, removing dead skin and blackheads, before a resurfacing mask is applied – the ‘Fire’ part of the treatment – formulated with glycolic acid, apple and green tea extracts, citric acid, retinol (vitamin A) and powerful antioxidants.

To follow, your skin is treated with the hydrating goodness of aloe vera along with extracts of green tea, liquorice, grape seed and rosemary, as part of the ‘Ice’ routine, promising to leave skin brighter, firmer and tighter than before. Although the results are immediate (you’ll leave the clinic glowing), the real results kick in up to three days later and last for up to three months, making it one of the best facials in Dubai. Baby-smooth skin, a refined texture, a decrease in pigmentation, and evident hydration for the rest of the year? Yes, please. Dhs750 at Aesthetics International, +971 4 384 5600 


A four-pronged attack on wrinkles, skin laxity, texture and clarity, Rebecca Treston Aesthetic’s latest anti-ageing facial combines four of the most effective treatments against the ravages of time. By targeting four areas – namely the deep muscles, SMAS, dermis and epidermis – skin is supported by a more solid structure, refreshed by increased collagen production and glowing from healthy cell renewal, the results of which are apparent immediately after treatment, and get progressively better with each subsequent session. 

Designed to stimulate cell growth and renewal, the treatment starts with deep muscle activation utilising electromagnetic energy to build up muscle tissue and advance deep lymphatic drainage, followed by Tri-Polar Radio Frequency to lift and tighten using next-generation radio frequency technology. Not nearly as awful as it sounds, next up is microneedling, a hybrid treatment that combines radio frequency and galvanic current with tiny needles to plump the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and tighten for a more youthful appearance.

medical-grade facials

Fresh-faced for the new decade, BLUMARINE

Then steady yourself for the Radio Frequency Sublative – while the three previous steps are virtually painless, this requires a little teeth-gritting. Removing the upper epidermal layer of dead skin cells, built-up pollutants and residue as well as acne scarring and pigmentation, RFS rejuvenates the skin and further promotes cell renewal.

Following the treatment, water and cold flannels are off-limits for the next four hours, but applying Mebo cream helps calm the skin and encourage healing. Great results, especially if you opt for one treatment a month – start now, and by the festive season, you’ll undoubtedly be looking younger, firmer and decidely more fresh-faced just in time for the start of 2020. Dhs4,000 per session, or Dhs9,500 for three sessions at Euromed Clinic, +971 4 394 5422 

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