Evolution of the Bun

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Autumn’s newest hair trend is set to be a sure favourite and perfect for giving lacklustre hair a much-needed break. We bid farewell to the topknot and welcome in the low bun, as gravity influences this season’s style.

Street style star Giovanna Battaglia adopts the low bun with aplomb

Street style star Giovanna Battaglia adopts the low bun with aplomb

Look to sunnier days with a beach-inspired updo. Gently pin tussled tresses back, allowing for smaller sections to delicately fall. For a slightly more undone look, give the hair added texture and gather it in a looser knot. The key to it rests in the position – lowering the placement of the bun will provide a sense of effortless elegance. If structure and sophistication is what you’re after, sweep hair back disguising your natural parting and bundle it into a small bun that rests gently on the nape of the neck. If your hair is short, carefully tuck any loose ends behind your ears for a simple solution to any unforeseen ‘bad hair days’.

To help you achieve your new look, it is important to restore your hair back to its natural health. We’ve put together our top Dubai hotspots for to try:

The White Room

To restore moisture: Hydrate your hair with a nourishing hair spa treatment that will leave your tresses revitalized. The caviar treatment from The White Room aims to combat harsh weather exposure and prep your locks for styling.

The Loft Fifth Avenue

For those lazy hair days: For the perfect blow dry to achieve this season’s hottest hairstyle, head to The Loft Fifth Avenue. Whether you are trying to create added volume or tame your unruly mane, the experts at The Loft will be able to assist.   

Nicolas & Jean

For post-summer colour correction: Nicolas & Jean are trusted hair colourists, renowned in the industry for exceptional hair care. They will ensure that your locks are given new life with a fresh shade of colour, transitioning your look into cooler weather. 

FadiChedid Salon

To get rid of sun-damaged ends: It goes without saying that a fresh cut is regularly needed to maintain the health of your hair. FadiChedid Salon’s precision and attention to detail will ensure that any hairstyle you wish to obtain will have a polished finish.