Everything You Need To Know About Supplements

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From amino acids and magnesium to vitamins A through to D, navigating the world of supplements can feel like a minefield. MOJEH’s no-nonsense guide reveals all you need to know

Anyone who has spent their time in the supplement aisle will know it’s crowded, confusing and overwhelming with its promises. Vitamin C, probiotics, fish oils… while all apparently essential to our health, being assaulted by screaming labels and a blizzard of acronyms at every turn just adds to the confusion. Yet most experts will agree that if we’re not getting enough nutrients from our food, supplements are essential health-boosters that can help fill in those nutritional gaps and work wonders on our anxiety levels, sleep patterns, skin and hair, to name a few. “I am an advocate for the life-changing transformative power of vitamins to naturally nourish your body,” clinical nutritionist and founder of JSHealth Vitamins Jessica Sepel tells MOJEH. “Alongside a balanced diet, supplements can help support a healthy body by naturally enhancing physical and mental wellbeing, perfectly showcasing how subtle adjustments can make a world of difference, so you feel your best.” So, where do we begin?

Forty Winks

vitamins and supplements

JSHealth Magnesium+

Responsible for the correct metabolic function of over 350 enzymes in the body, magnesium may be found in everything from leafy green vegetables to nuts, seeds and dark chocolate, but many of us still fall short. Essential in helping you unwind, and relaxing tense muscles, while it’s not officially a sleep aid like melatonin (which should be taken directly before bed), magnesium can be taken to help calm you if taken an hour or so before you settle in for the evening. Still feeling restless? Studies suggest amino acids L-tyrosine and L-theanine regulate the stress hormones that may otherwise be keeping you awake.

Turn Back The Clock

Dr. Barbara Sturm Skin Food Supplements

While there isn’t a magic vitamin that can stop the ageing process altogether, certain supplements can definitely help. One ingredient to look for is purslane – a herb that helps calm the skin and reduce visible signs of irritation – found in Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Skin Food Supplements. A cult favourite for maximum skincare results, just two tablets a day with water and you’re good to go. Alternatively, fat-soluble vitamin A (the first vitamin approved by the Food and Drug Administration as an anti-wrinkle agent) can help you maintain healthy, youthful-looking skin

Immunity Boosters

Wildlab Liposomal Vitamin C and Glutathione

Given the current pandemic, it’s no surprise we’re looking for extra help in boosting our immune systems, and when it comes to daily supplements, vitamins A and C are of particular interest. Wildlab’s glutathione and vitamin C supplements include an innovative liposomal technology (LipoCellTech) that delivers the ingredients directly to your cells to ensure the antioxidants have optimal synergistic effects on the immune system, making them extremely fast-acting.

High Energy

JSHealth Hair + Energy

‘Tired’ seems to be the perpetual state of the moment, with long hours and lack of holidays wreaking havoc on our energy levels. If you’re looking to fight off fatigue, coenzyme Q10 supplements are ones to watch, as is vitamin B, which breaks down carbs into fuel for a much-needed boost. Elsewhere, JSHealth’s best-selling Hair + Energy tablets sell out in seconds for a reason, with every single ingredient in each of its formulas supported by scientific research, and therapeutic dosages carefully worked out by JSHealth’s nutrition experts. Formulated with two carefully sourced essential minerals – iodine (from high purity kelp) and zinc, these supplements do exactly what they say on the tin.

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  • Words by Naomi Chadderton