Drinkable Beauty

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We’re constantly perfecting our skincare regimes with the latest must-have cleansers, serums and moisturisers, but what if there was a way to beautify our skin from the inside out? We explore the world of drinkable skincare.

By Natalie Trevis

Glowing skin backstage at Houghton SS16

Glowing skin backstage at Houghton SS16

Liquid collagen

A protein that keeps skin firm, elastic and supple, collagen is vital for maintaining plump, glowing skin. Skincare products alone can’t sustain our collagen levels however, which naturally diminish over time. In a quest to ensure that the magical substance sticks around for a little longer, skincare fanatics are turning to collagen supplements and liquids, liberally sprinkling the ingredient into smoothies and juices. Originating in Asia, a hotbed of skincare innovation, the theory is that the body breaks down the collagen protein and distributes it to where it is needed most, namely our skin.

If you’re not convinced, you’re not alone. Although there are those that swear by the elixir, many scientists are skeptical, musing that the body cannot recognise whether a protein – which will be broken down by the stomach’s enzymes into amino acids – has come from a liquid collagen drink or a steak. The collagen simply won’t make it intact into our bloodstreams. On a positive note, collagen production can be enhanced naturally by increasing our intake of omega 3 and 6 (found in oily fish, nuts and chia seeds), vitamin C (used in the production of collagen) and the good-for-everything dark green vegetables.

Fresh faced models show the power of natural beauty at Adam Selman's NYFW show

Fresh faced models show the power of natural beauty at Adam Selman’s NYFW show


It might sound a little ominous but chlorophyll is a plant-based green pigment that facilitates the absorption of light from the sun. Packed with nutrients including vitamins A, C, E and K (great for improving adrenal function), magnesium and beta carotene, chlorophyll is full of antioxidants, which stimulate anti-ageing enzymes within the body and can help to remove toxic heavy metals. Add a spoonful in powder form to your daily green juice for a skin-cleansing boost.

The Super Elixir

If there is a woman that seems to be defying the march of time, it’s Elle Macpherson. Lithe limbed and clear skinned at the age of 51: we all want to know her secret. According to the super it’s a combination of picture-perfect genes, an active lifestyle and her health supplement The Super Elixir. Designed to increase vitality and aid digestion, the green powder – containing super foods wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina and grape seed extract – can be mixed into liquids or yoghurt for a burst of energy, radiant skin and long-term health benefits. Devotees are addicted to its powdery goodness, claiming it keeps breakouts at bay and even substitutes for coffee.

Flawless complexions at Delpozo SS16

Flawless complexions at Delpozo SS16


If sand and sticky sun lotion are a recipe for beach-related disaster in your book, the makers of UVO may have a solution. It claims to be the first liquid supplement to protect the skin from UV rays, averting sunburn and photo ageing for three to five hours after drinking. Containing more than 30 antioxidants, phytonutrients and vitamins, UVO’s clinical trials suggest that it took 40 percent more sun exposure for participants to start to experience sunburn after downing the drink. UVO doesn’t have US Food and Drug Administration approval – as a dietary supplement it doesn’t apply – and with the American Academy of Dermatology unconvinced, perhaps UVO is best used as an added layer of protection for days soaking up the sun’s rays. We’ll be sticking to topical sunscreen for a little while longer.


Fulphyl by Phylia de M is a nutritional supplement derived from fulvic acid (found in soil, sediment and aquatic locations). Mixed with fresh-pressed juice, smoothies or soup, it is said to activate the full potential of the nutrients we consume and encourages cell health and skin regeneration. It may not be the sweetest of medicines but as an added bonus, the liquid, which can also be applied topically to heal bumps and bruises, claims to deliver keratin for thicker, fuller hair. Jessica Stam is a loyal fan after dyeing her hair from black to blonde left her with damaged tresses.  “My hair grows faster and healthier,” reports the supermodel, “and my skin is glowing.” 

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