Dolce & Gabbana Launch Emotioneyes

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We speak to Dolce & Gabbana’s international make-up artist, to find out more about the brand’s new Emotioneyes collection.

Tell us about the new Emotioneyes collection – what makes it different?

The very easy application of the products for your brows and the lining of your eyes. The new high-definition eyeliner stylo and the brow powder duo offer precision for long-lasting, effortless and waterproof wear.

Why is it called Emotioneyes?

Because the most important expressions of our souls and moods pass through the eyes: emotions, sensations, smiles, happiness, sensuality and more.

Why are brows so important in creating a beauty look?

The brows are the frames for the eyes. If you are thinking about a painting with no frame, you might be able to think of something to support it using the floor, but while that’s modern it’s not glorified enough. If you are thinking about a painting with a frame, you can showcase it on the wall and closer to your eyes: it’s classic and traditional, but at the same time modern with immediate visibility. This is why brows are so important.

Is eyeliner suitable for everyone?

Of course, the eyeliner suits everyone who wants to wear it and can be worn in different ways depending on your mood. Below are some examples and application tips for both a passionate and an intense look.

1 – The Passionate Look

Step one: Define the upper lash line with a thick line

Step two: Create a small wing going upward

Step three: Join the wing to the middle of the eyelid with a bold line

2 – The Intense Look

Step one: Define the upper lash line

Step two: Follow the curve of the lower lash line to define a wing

Step three: Underline the lower lash line

Dolce & Gabbana is shooting with the Morelli brothers who have a very realistic approach. Why is this important, does it make shooting beauty harder?

Absolutely not! It makes the beauty shooting real, deep-rooted in Italian reality and immersed in the essence of Italy. We are proud to be Italian and one of the most important values of the brand is to emphasise our origin, living most of the shoots among real Italians.

What are the key beauty looks for Dolce & Gabbana for 2018?

The key Dolce & Gabbana beauty looks of 2018’s first semester are:

1. A journey into a blooming bouquet of fresh, florals. Sicilian gardens in springtime are evoked using petal-soft pink, nudes, vivid corals, and fuchsia to create rosy, optimistic palettes that suits everyone.
2. A sun-kissed bronze glow – citrus-orange and scarlet recreate the joyful spirit of the Italian summer with flashes of turquoise that evokes the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.
3. A healthy glowing skin for a natural and sensorial look suitable for any complexion for those who want to be radiant and youthful forever.

What is your beauty mantra for 2018?

Excellent is a choice of love, love is beauty and beauty is happiness.