Where To Go In Dubai For An Instant Solution To Jetlag

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The spa to visit and the lotions and potions to try

Dubai is a cosmopolitan hub where the world’s sixth busiest airport operates, and we all know what that means… On the plus side, plenty of weekend adventures, elongated Eid escapes and once-in-a-lifetime holidays at least three times a year. (Who is counting anyway?). But on the downside, companies expect that extra mile, both literally and figuratively, with back-to-back flights, overnight journeys and little recovery time wreaking havoc on the body.

So, where to go in Dubai for an instant solution to jetlag? The Anantara Spa offers a Thalasso Jetlag And Sleep Management treatment based on the healing principles of marine magnesium. It begins with a brief ten minutes in the sauna to open pores and start the removal of toxins, followed by a thick helping of soothing marine magnesium generously applied from head-to-toe. The body is then further cocooned in magnesium for deep relaxation. The natural product is championed for improving neuromuscular balance, regulating the metabolism and aiding the nervous system – factors all affected by intense travel schedules. After a quick shower to remove the mud-like product, a relaxing massage ensues. The journey ends with down-time in The Anantara’s soothing relaxation area (note: leave your phone at the door).

The Anantara Spa, The Palm, Dubai, +971 4 567 8140, aed550

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