Keira Knightley Gets Into Character For Chanel

3 min 35 sec

The second installment of #ChanelBeautyTalks brings the story of an actress getting ready to put on her face, to get infront of the camera and bring to life the character written for her.

“I very much live in the world of the character when I’m making a film. I’m quite removed from the actual world, that I am existing in, in order to create something different,” says Keira Knightley, the protagonist of the latest web series by the iconic French brand. She sits with Chanel’s global creative makeup expert, Lucia Pica, and the two talk all things makeup and beauty and share tips to create a unique look for the British actress inspired by the “deconstructed glamour” of the Thirties.

Pica shares her idea of the perfect look claiming “less is modern” and gives a tutorial on creating her signature metallic smokey eye and pink lip for a minimal yet glamourous allure, while Keira reveals that she prefers using her fingertips on her eye makeup instead of brushes, because it brings back the memories of being a child again. “Coco Chanel used to say ‘Put your red lipstick on and, attack’,” shares Pica while applying the brand’s latest Coco Stylo lip range on the brand ambassador, who discloses that her ultimate pick-me-up on a bad day is applying red lipstick and going out into the world. The rendezvous ends with the actress talking about the world of cinema and staring into the mirror at her own reflection, looking at the new character, ready to takeover. 

  • Aishwarya Tyagi