Beauty Secrets with Toni Garrn

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She’s fast becoming the ultimate cover girl of her generation, having already fronted campaigns for some of fashion’s biggest players after signing with Women Management Paris. From Calvin Klein to Givenchy to Christian Dior, the Victoria’s Secret model’s striking looks have even attracted leading man Leonardo DiCaprio’s eye. We find out Toni Garrn’s beauty and body secrets.

Courtesy of Getty Images

Courtesy of Getty Images

If you only had 4 minutes to get ready which beauty feature would you focus on? Eyelashes!

What is your favourite nail colour for summer? Blue.

What is your all time investment beauty product? Tinted moisturiser.

What is your best beauty tip? Always curl your eyelashes.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve been given and by whom? Contour your cheeks and highlight above the cheekbones and underneath the eyelashes. Pat McGrath always does that and I copied it from her.

What is your fail-safe hair and make-up look for a party? Hair in a high bun, mascara and nude lip make-up.

Which beauty products do you wear on a daily basis and why? Tinted moisturiser by Nars because it gives me a nice even skin color and contains SPF15 to protect my face from the sun.

Who is your beauty crush? Christy Turlington.

Courtesy of Getty Images

Courtesy of Getty Images

Do blondes really have more fun? I’m not sure, I’ve never been anything but blonde!

What time does your day usually start at? When I have work it’s around 6AM, but otherwise 9AM.

How many hours do you work out per day?1-2.

What are your favorite foods to eat to stay healthy? Veggie smoothies, nuts and raw chocolate.

What do you do to stay fit? Move every day, lots!

What’s your daily skincare regime? Crealine Bioderma skin cleanser then an easy day cream to keep away the dryness.

How many hours of sleep do you get per night? 4-8 hours.

What is your signature dish? Any sushi or fish.

Which hair care products can you not live without? Dry shampoo!