Ojar Partners With Omani Artist Mays Almoosawi For A Touching Tribute



July 2022

Celebrating their shared Omani heritage, Ojar has teamed up with artist Mays Almoosawi to create an homage to the country

If you’re looking for the perfect summer accessory, you’ll be hard pressed to find something more beautiful than a traditional scarf born from a collaboration between Omani artist Mays Almoosawi and fragrance house Ojar. Inspired by the brand’s universe and its use of the iconic frankincense, Almoosawi has worked her signature artistic magic on a traditional yet modern scarf, which depicts a mirrored, abstract illustration of a traditionally dressed woman and odes to a backdrop of frankincense tree branches. “Ojar’s identity initially drew me to the House, using Oman’s nature as an inspiration for everything from its colours to scent,” Almoosawi tells MOJEH. “Female figures are usually the main characters in my work and I wanted to create a design that represents my style by combining my own inspirations with Ojar’s identity and its most iconic elements such as frankincense.”

If you’re feeling flush, we suggest purchasing the scarf alongside a bottle of Ojar’s Eagle Eyed Stranger fragrance — another homage to the Omani frankincense and the traditional harvesting of its precious resin — which opens with a bold blast of wood and amber notes. “That perfume was my main inspiration in the design, and that’s why I focused on the female Omani traditional dress and frankincense tree as these two elements symbolise Oman,” she adds. “I also drew inspiration from the overlap of Ojar’s iconic blue branding and the sea, which is the perfect complement.” We’re sold. Available at Ojar counters nationwide and online while stocks last

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