Anti-Ageing For Your Face Shape

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As we get older, the features of our different face shapes age differently. Dr Rory McGoldrick, board-certified plastic and reconstuctive surgeon at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, chats to MOJEH about how we age, as well as what can be done to delay the process.

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Round Face

Women with a round face will find that their once-plump cheeks lose firmness with age, because those who are round-faced have more volume in that area. The skin around the cheekbones will, therefore, begin to hang downwards and this results in wrinkles and reduced jawline definition.

Dr Rory McGoldrick says: “For volume restoration, which this kind of tissue-loss needs, I would advise hyaluronic acid fillers, which are made for that purpose. The dermal fillers are not permanent, but they can last up to 12 months, and they will definitely slow down the aging process.”

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Rectangle Face

A rectangular face (fortunately for those blessed with one) goes hand-in-hand with good bone structure, and because of high cheek bones, these women are less predisposed to poor aging. The jawline and neck, however, is sadly not immune to sagging skin.

Dr Rory McGoldrick says: “Firming treatments are recommended; and since in this day and age more and more plastic surgeons are opting for non-surgical treatments, I would recommend Kybella, which is a minimally invasive treatment where deoxycholic acid is injected into the chin area to dissolve fat and tighten skin.”

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Heart-Shaped Face

A pointed jawline and chin, and sweetheart hairline, dominate this delicate pixie-like face shape. Aging largely impacts the forehead and upper-half of the face; sinking eyelids and temple wrinkles, including dreaded crows’ feet, are frequent problems.

Dr Rory McGoldrick says: “Botox is mostly the answer, because when it’s injected into the areas where the fine lines and wrinkles are present, then it lifts up the eyebrows, which opens up the eyes to a more lively and youthful look. Depending on how far the drooping has progressed, an upper eyelid lift (Blepharoplasty) surgical procedure would be recommended.”

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Oval Face

Oval faces are longer than they are wider – softer features often make for a beautifully youthful and feminine look, but these faces regularly suffer from hollow temples and upper eye-lid hooding, which can induce fine wrinkles.

Dr Rory McGoldrick says: “One should go for a treatment that restores volume to the temples and cheek areas. Strategically injected hyaluronic acid fillers can give a natural fullness and an immediate lift, in addition to a more contoured face structure.”