Focus Of The Week: The Queen of Kalahari

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The luxury House of Chopard sets out on a new passage to create its most exceptional Haute Joaillerie collection to date.

Its journey begins at the Karowe mine, Botswana, which is where the incredible discovery of The Queen of Kalahari transpired. “This is a truly exceptional stone, but we did not wish to treat it as a mere trophy, but instead to prepare it for a destiny worthy of its stature,” explained co-president Caroline Scheufele. Charmed by its splendour, Scheufele cut 23 individually unique diamonds out of the remarkable 342-carat stone. These new fragments form The Garden of Kalahari where an exceptional collection of varying cut variations (including cushion, brilliant, heart, and pear), captivate even the most opposing tastes. Inspiring formations and enthralling light refractions are merged to create a poetic scene in the form of six exclusive jewellery models. Designed for the modern woman who has everything, The Queen of Kalahari makes the perfect addition to your treasure trove of finery.