The Imperiale Woman

Maison Chopard has recruited the infallible Hilary Rhoda to front their latest Imperiale campaign, inspired by one of four collections launched this year.

Hilary Rhoda photographed by

Chosen for her timeless beauty, supermodel Hilary Rhoda embodies the elegance of the Maison’s Imperiale woman. Shot by photographer duo Luigi & Iango in a series of campaign images for four collections that will be launched throughout the year, the Imperiale collection combines Chopard’s current contemporary aesthetic with the familiarity of their house codes.

Debuted in the midst of the star-studded Venice International Film Festival, the campaign, along with the capsule collection entitled, The Empress Jewellery Box, showcases five bespoke pieces – a watch, earrings, ring, necklace and tiara, worn by Rhoda on the red carpet on the night of the event.


Alongside the collection the festival screened a preview of Viva Ingrid, a film co-produced by Chopard and directed by Alessandro Rosselini, in homage to his aunt Ingrid Bergman. It comes to no surprise that the Maison would adopt the talents of Rhoda as their charismatic muse in a campaign that embodies the very essence of Hollywood glamour.

Inside our Cover with Cartier

From stunning sapphires to ostentatious onyx, Cartier’s Etourdissant High Jewellery collection captures the summer sun in our September cover. 

Cartier s Etourdissant High Jewellery collection MOJEH Issue 30 photographed
Cartier's Etourdissant High Jewellery collection, MOJEH Issue 30, photographed by Lionel Koretzy.

Photographed in the City of Light by our team in our September issue, the new collection comprises of a play-off between sunlight and shadows. Drawing inspiration from the French Riviera, colours of azur blue and rich emerald green come together throughout many a creation. Like rays of sunlight, the collection also plays with rubies, sapphires and a palette of citrus hues. It’s the perfect adornment to add some light to your wintery wardrobe. 

Etourdissant Cartier High Jewellery collection.

Going for Gold during Eid

As temperatures rise and the high humidity of Dubai looms, we’re suffering from a bout of gold fever. From Bulgari’s Diva Collection to Cartier’s Paris Nouvelle Vague, exquisite pieces with the golden touch are mandatory for Eid.


Actress Zoe Saldana wearing De Grisogono

Whether you’re jetting off to cooler climes or lazily soaking up the sun’s rays in Europe, adorning yourself in luxurious creations is the best way to celebrate. Take note from Hollywood actress Zoe Saldana and let a pair of earrings courtesy of Bulgari do all the talking. Glisten with gold this Eid. 

From L to R: Bulgari | Cindy Chao | Solange Azagury-Partridge | Gemfields | Daniella Villegas | Christian Dior | De Grisogono | Cartier

Cartier Brings Parisian Style to the Middle East

Our June cover shoot – A Deeper Love – featured the new Cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague jewellery collection and now the Parisian designs have come to the Middle East. Launching on Sunday the playful-yet-mysterious jewels combine the youthfulness of pink gold with the brand’s distinctive use of sapphires, pearls and diamonds.

By Jemma Walker

Cartier Brings Parisian Style to the Middle East
Inspired by the Parisian woman, Cartier’s jewels channel unique French charm effortlessly. Just as our June issue celebrated the unconventional bride, the newest collection from France’s iconic jeweler is delicately crafted to combine unusual stones for breathtaking effects. Malachite, fire opals and moon stones are just some of the gems gently nestled among the pink gold.

MOJEH Magazine Issue 27, Cartier Cover Shoot

MOJEH Meets Roberto Coin

MOJEH catches up with Roberto Coin during an exclusive interview in the luxurious Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach. The Italian high jewellery designer explains why creations should be chosen and crafted around the woman who wears it, and discusses the future of his illustrious maison.

MOJEH Meets Roberto Coin

Tell us about your jewellery tastes. 
I like the extremely classical. Even though I love innovation, I do like a classic style. I do like to be classic. I like proportions. Today, ladies change weekly. Today they may have one job, tomorrow they may have another job. Today you’re single, tomorrow you’re married. But jewellery doesn’t change.

Your jewellery is particularly popular amongst the younger generation. Why is this?
The younger generation wants something nice. They love to please themselves. They don’t like the silver their mother had, they like their grandmother’s jewellery, but not their mother’s jewellery. They don’t like to look like everybody else, they don’t want to look the same. When you really think about it, when you go shopping, you want something different. If you have something that others don’t have, people notice you. 

What does Roberto Coin offer clients that other brands don’t?
At Roberto Coin you’ll find something that’s new. In jewellery, there’s not much that’s new. They are beautiful, important pieces, but in regard to the daily wearables, there’s less and less. So if you want to find the new, you must find it in Roberto Coin. We create 600 models every year.

Your creations are extremely varied and don’t have similar aesthetics. Why is this?
It’s not important to me; money. It’s not important to be that I become a billionaire. It’s important to me that I’m happy all my life. I don’t represent money. If you want money, follow the other jewellers; the other jewellers that need to be recognised. People who say, “Oh, I have the most expensive Cartier.” Cartier is beautiful, and I’m not judging other people. I love Chopard, I love Cartier, I love Boucheron. They all create beautiful jewellery and I respect all that, I respect it a lot. But me? I just want to be Roberto, and what Roberto represents. I represent the future, at Roberto Coin you’ll find something that’s new.

Does working for a brand limit a jewellery designer’s creativity?
It does. I can sell a bracelet with diamonds - big diamonds and small diamonds - maybe a ruby or sapphire, but that isn’t right because today you’re dressed like this but tomorrow or next year you may be dressed differently. I can match [a piece of jewellery] what you’re wearing today, but I cannot match with what you’ll be wearing tomorrow, or next year, even. However, when I’m making a piece specifically for a person, I can imagine it, because I’m creating for the future. Creativity is beautiful in that way. It’s fascinating, no?

What do you hope to achieve with your jewellery?
I want to express beauty! I want to express is singularly. Beauty is not based on price, beauty is not beauty because it’s expensive. A lot of those expensive pieces are horrible. Well, not horrible, not not nice. They’re not elegant. You see power in a piece that’s worth a million dollars, but is it nice? I like women to be elegant, and I like them to be intelligent and professional.

Emerald Expositions

One of the most treasured jewels worldwide, emeralds make for a stunning centrepiece. “Of all the gemstones, emeralds in particular have captured the Middle Eastern woman’s attention with their vivid beauty, because the colour green holds a significant meaning in the region’s culture,” says Amit Dhamani, managing director of Dhamani Jewels. Considered the traditional shade of Islam, green represents luck and fertility, as well as wealth.

Animal Motif Watches

Animal prints are well and truly back – but not in the way you might remember them. Birds and big cats have long been an inspiration for high jewellery maisons, but designs are now taking a tongue-in-cheek twist with pretty and off-the-wall models that celebrate the ultimate in luxurious individualism.

Focus of the Week: Embracing Yellow

Although nothing speaks to timeless elegance like a classic white diamond, the desire to also include pieces in your collection that deliver a youthful and jovial aesthetic to contemporary trends is on the rise. Yellow made a resurgence on the autumn/winter runways with Max Mara, Chloé and Valentino all parading the energetic hue in their new collections. Similarly, the sunshine shade has had a noticeable presence among jewellery names like Van Cleef & Arpels, Roberto Coin and Butani, who have moulded the gemstone into precious metals and manipulated it into fanciful shapes.

Focus of the Week: Bvlgari's Festa Collection

Bulgari’s new collection entitled Festa celebrates the joy of Italian art de vivre with a fabulous high jewellery range detailing more than 100 jewels and watches. Each masterpiece has been thoughtfully created, paying tribute to the happiness of the Italian Festas.

Cactus De Cartier

Cartier’s new fine jewellery offerings take a pricklier approach to the favoured flower motif. The desert plant provides the perfect canvas to cultivate precious stones such as emeralds, carnelians, spinels, lapis lazuli and diamonds in a romantic cluster over jewellery. With bountiful offerings ranging from pink gold pendants and rings to hoop earrings and delightful bracelets, the possibilities are endless. The versatile collection can be donned singularly, or as we prefer, in opulent clusters.