Photographers in UAE

Photographers in UAE – Keeping it classy!

The United Arab Emirates comprises seven well known parts – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimaah and Umm al-Quwain. Each Emirate has developed in leaps and bounds over the last few decades and supports a standard of living ensconced in advanced infrastructure and amenities, which in turn encourage tourism and many other industries. At the same time, the demand for all things luxe is ever-increasing, and fashion is an essential cornerstone of a stylish life. With fashion in UAE thus receiving a fillip for its growth, its many sub-specialisations – health, beauty and photography to name a few – have also experienced phenomenal growth. That’s where photographers in UAE come into the picture. Photographers in UAE have set up base in what could be called a perfect location for inculcating their craft, and have expanded their reach to beyond this realm as well. With beautiful locales, top fashion brands available, stylists as well as hair and makeup artistes flourishing and fashion magazines like MOJEH chronicling the phenomenal growth of fashion, photographers in UAE are present in an excellent milieu for professional growth. 

Photographers in UAE know how to balance Eastern and Western cultural influences in their photography and cater to a richly cosmopolitan clientele. With the UAE possessing an equal (and stunning) mix of both traditional and modern architecture, this proves a great backdrop for photoshoots, a fact amply taken advantage of by photographers in UAE. Long beaches with glittering white sands bordering an azure sea and mysteriously moving sand dunes in a vast desert also make for magnificent settings for myriad photographers in UAE.
Photographers in UAE are privy to a diversity of assignments like fashion, advertorials, portfolios, photo travelogues, food photography, event photography, weddings, etc. There is a high demand for photographers in UAE because of the ever-increasing popularity of quality photography in business, tourism and cultural – especially fashion – circles. Photographers in UAE have a range of amenities at their disposal. Several stylists, hair and make-up artists and models are available in the Emirates to work with photographers in UAE. Some known photographers in UAE include Mohammad Hajjar, AVS Kumar, Toufic Araman, Simon Charlton, Nic Arnold, Michel Sedaga and Siddharth Siva amongst others. These photographers in UAE have their own specialisations within different sub-types of photography. In fact, every one of the photographers in UAE has their own distinct style and panache.
At MOJEH, only the top photographers of UAE are selected to shoot classy fashion spreads and lifestyle imagery. These photographers in UAE on their part also make sure the photography they produce matches the high standards set by MOJEH. To bring to its erudite readers a striking and visually-appealing product, the relationship between those who conceptualise and those who actually realise aesthetic concepts in a magazine has to be harmonious. MOJEH and photographers in UAE have successfully nurtured such a fruitful relationship, evident from the sophisticated and edgy imagery the magazine hosts.