Photographers in Dubai

Photographers in Dubai – Capturing brilliance!

Picture this: a snapshot of the majestic, sky-scraping Burj Khalifa standing proud over a city of glittering glass buildings; a striking aerial view of the man-made wonder, the Palm Jumeirah, sprawling in a stunning sea of blue; or the fiery sun setting over the glimmering sand dunes of the Arabian Desert as the silhouettes of a pack of camels dot the distant horizon. All this and more is at the disposal of photographers in Dubai whether they are professional or amateur. In fact, photographers in Dubai have captured some of the most exotic images the world has seen showcased in several publications of repute.

Photographers in Dubai have plenty of incredible vistas to shoot, with the sultry, magical desert in the backdrop, and the beautifully turquoise Persian Gulf washing at the emirate’s feet. Be it artistic shots of minarets, a glimpse into the awe-inspiring modern architecture, sprawling hospitality ventures, the vibrant nightlife, fascinating souks, incredible luxury cars on local roads or even the occasional wildlife shot, photographers in Dubai have infinite scope to let their creative instincts take over, with a diverse variety of subjects available to them. As a result, photographers in Dubai have an evolved professional milieu to ply their trade in, and have diversified into several kinds of photography – be it wedding, corporate, landscape, artistic, natural, fashion or more. With tourism as one of the main industries here, amateur photographers in Dubai too have a field day when they visit the Emirate.

When it comes to fashion, Dubai has certainly managed to make a name for itself on the global fashion map. Photographers in Dubai who specialize in fashion have ample scope to shoot some of the most stylish frames in the business. Moreover, photographers in Dubai have the added advantage of the Dubai Fashion Week, which is an excellent opportunity not only to network with the crème de la crème of the fashion world here but also to capture some breathtaking collections on and off the runways. Fashion photographers in Dubai have access to some of the most incredible locales in the world to shoot their models, as well as the presence of the top designers on the fashion map, who are enthusiastic to make their presence felt in what is an ever-burgeoning market.

A cursory online search into some of the most spoken about photographers in Dubai includes names like Kourosh Sotoodeh, Toufic Araman, Celeste van Rooyen, Amir Maljai, Dia Saleh, Tiffany Schultz, Julie Saad and more. These and more photographers in Dubai have a vibrant industry to participate in, within the ambit of a flourishing economy that allows them minor but important pleasures like access to the latest digital and other technologies, a flourishing publication industry, a cosmopolitan professional atmosphere to work in and more.

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