New York Magazine

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New York has, since times immemorial, been a global hub – be it for all things financial, political, and cultural, as a patron of arts and cinema, or more. Naturally, then, one finds here a thriving and rich media industry, and all manner of publications that cover the A-Z of NYC. In fact, New York has always been home to a vibrant and ever-evolving media industry. Absolutely any New York magazine, newspaper, or any other kind of publication has always celebrated a certain status of quality and repute because of the way it deals with the material it covers. Fashion, finance, travel, lifestyle, food, nightlife, movies, shopping, events, music, books, theatre, tours… you name it, and some New York magazine will have it. 

The term New York magazine instinctively reminds one of certain well-established media conglomerates like New Corp, Conde Nast, Hearst and others. Almost every New York magazine has been a benchmark for several hundreds of publications around the world. Vogue, for example, is one of the oldest fashion magazines in the world, and is a proud New York magazine too. The US edition is helmed by the iconic Anna Wintour, and pioneers fashion of fashion journalism with its news and views. But this is not the only New York magazine of repute. Many more names like Tatler, GQ, Brides, Allure, Details, Epicurious, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Wired, Conde Nast Traveller, Golf Digest, and Menswear also come under the same publication umbrella.
Several writers, stylists, photographers and designers – fashion and otherwise – scramble to get featured in a New York magazine, a sure indication of success. Why is a New York magazine privy to such high regard in society? This is because New York City is a convergence point for businesses, art, fashion, music, etc – a place the whole world looks to for new trends and innovations. Any New York magazine reflects not only on what is happening in the confines of the city, but also its impact on global phenomena and vice versa. The reach of a New York magazine is far and wide, and being showcased in a New York magazine guarantees that one’s name becomes known to people not just in NYC but through the US and also beyond its borders. Several of the latest and most striking trends in every facet of life including fashion often find their epicentre in New York, and many of these find a voice in the ubiquitous New York magazine.
MOJEH, as a high-end fashion and lifestyle magazine, is aimed at sophisticated and stylish women all around the world, as is many a New York magazine. MOJEH keeps readers informed about the very latest in the world of fashion and beauty, while covering several elements of a luxe lifestyle, whether this then be it in New York or elsewhere! Based in Dubai, MOJEH’s creative and captivating content has garnered the attention of people from every fashion forward corner of the globe.