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Models in Dubai – In the right place at the right time!

The fashion industry in the Emirates takes itself very seriously and is one of the prime financial zones that buoy the local economy, given its indirect links with tourism, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, etc. As a result, models in Dubai find themselves lucky enough to be in an excellent milieu for growth, as they struggle to establish themselves in what is itself a burgeoning industry. Models in Dubai are, as a result, generally seen maintaining the strictest standards when it comes to professionalism and grooming. Thousands of models in Dubai attempt to carve a niche for themselves in a rather unforgiving industry every season of every year, but only the luckiest and most talented finally make the cut. Models in Dubai are not only from a local pool of excellence, but hundreds of models from all over the world congregate to the Middle Eastern hub every year to find a foothold and make a name for themselves in the global fashion industry.

Given the developing nature of fashion in the United Arab Emirates, models in Dubai naturally sustain a diversity of talent within themselves. Most models in Dubai multi-task within the fashion framework and end up working for a variety of categories and products, as well as for several media – such as for the runway, magazines, television programs, news features, brand promotions, etc. Moreover, models in Dubai find themselves at a confluence of cultural mores and couture ethics from two very distinct parts of the world, two wholly diverse sensibilities. As a result, straddling modernity and tradition, community approval and international acclaim, are all aspects of the trade that models in Dubai have to carry off with grace. Models in Dubai can be seen in everything from the latest in skirts, dresses and gowns, to appearing resplendent in innovative and elegant abaya couture.
The Dubai Fashion Week has proved to be a big boost for models in Dubai, and gives them a local platform to display their talent and prowess, not just to fashion decision-makers of the region, but several international designers and media that flock to the Emirate to catch a glimpse of the ‘hautest’ Arabic, South Asian, South East Asian, North African, Australian, as well as other fashions – arrayed, of course, on gorgeous models in Dubai. The bi-annual event has contributed heavily to placing Dubai amongst the fashion capitals of the world, giving models in Dubai a much-needed fillip when it comes to visibility on the global map. Models in Dubai also have the added advantage of several prominent fashion media finding a home for themselves within the Emirates, making available a host of fashion photo-spreads, fashion events, couture and brand promotion shoots, runway shows, and more.
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