Luxury in UAE

Luxury in UAE – a class apart!

Amongst the most highly developed pockets in the world at present, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are the very definition of the lap of luxury. Luxury in UAE is not confined to obvious displays of wealth – there is a subtle elegance and tasteful glamour in a way that the luxury in UAE is apparent. Whether it is fashion, hospitality, automobiles, retail or an overall luxurious standard of living, luxury in UAE has a patron in almost every other resident of the Emirates.

All seven jewels in the Emirati crown – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Umm al-Quwain, Ras al-Khaimah, Fujairah and Ajman – are the perfect settings for luxury in UAE. UAE ranks as one of the most developed economies in the entire region and has been categorized by the International Monetary Fund as a high-income developing economy on the global map. With one of the highest per capita incomes and amongst the largest oil reserves in the world placing the UAE as one of the planet’s wealthiest nations, luxury in UAE becomes a natural prerequisite of life here. With a construction and infrastructure boom keeping its development progressing in leaps and bounds, and a retail market that attracts hordes of enthusiastic consumers from all over the world, luxury in UAE is safely ensconced in one of the very best settings to live an alluring life of comfort.
Luxury in UAE starts with the hospitality industry here – one of the most iconic, well-recognized and appreciated in the entire world. Wondrous constructions like the Burj Khalifa and Plam Jumeirah and every big name in the global hotel industry present here, assures visitors that they will receive the most satisfying variety of luxury in UAE. Top notch hospitality and services, many of the world’s best hotels, stunning locales and landscaping, diverse fine dining opportunities, the beautiful Persian Gulf and the beaches along it and some of the most stunning modern architecture on the globe, all come together to showcase that luxury in UAE is an undeniably integral element of life here.
The retail industry flourishing in the Emirates is also the very definition of luxury in UAE. Consumers flock here from a staggering multitude of countries to indulge in major shopping sprees at the massive malls. Another sign of luxury in UAE? The roads are lined with luxury cars, be they a Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari or Maserati. And of course, fashion is another industry that is a rather important aspect of luxury in UAE. With the Dubai Fashion Week becoming a global success and the appearance of a diverse spectrum of malls, showrooms and retail outlets across the Emirates, almost every fashion designer of note has a footprint in UAE today. The average fashionista does not have to look very far for luxury in UAE, because more often than not, it’s just around the corner – be it luxury handbags, luxury watches, the most divine footwear, or the ‘hautest’ couture straight off the most prolific ramps in the world.
MOJEH, as a lifestyle magazine set in the Emirates, chronicles every aspect of luxury in UAE in its finest form. Couture, fine dining, beauty treatments, spa retreats, luxurious entertainment options are all reviewed and recommended for our readers, who we believe should be privy to absolutely every bit of luxury in UAE.