Fashion UAE

Fashion in UAE – a confluence of cultures 

The seven Emirates of the UAE have flourished over recent decades, thanks to a confluence of various international socio-economic factors that have in turn influenced local industry. Naturally then, fashion in UAE has seen phenomenal growth as an industry as well. Fashion in UAE has flourished in leaps and bounds and from its vantage point today, the sky seems to be the limit. When it comes to fashion in UAE, there is clearly no compromise that the fashion-forward decision-makers of the region seem to have made.

Big cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah have their share of designers and brands – both local and international – that espouse fashion in UAE at its best. The gigantic malls and shopping arenas that are an integral aspect of life here are some of the biggest portals to have encouraged fashion in UAE. These huge spaces offer people everything – from luxury to high street – in garments, beauty products, accessories, etc. Fashion in UAE is not just limited to malls though. International brands have also opened up flagship stores here, from which they very often even run their headquarters for the Middle East market.
Fashion in UAE is not curtailed to the retail industry, but is spread over varied sub-industries under the ‘fashion’ umbrella. Fashion in UAE is best showcased at fashion shows and fashion weeks that take place here, with Emirati models enthusiastically participating to disseminate trends crafted by style gurus and fashionistas. Fashion in UAE, mirrored through many such events, is a fascinating mix of Eastern, Middle Eastern and Western elements. Fashion in UAE thrives because of the innovative breed of designers here who never fail to ideate stunning new fashion concepts, keeping the Emirates firmly visible on the global fashion map. The magazine publishing industry also aids fashion in UAE by connecting Middle Eastern women, fashion professionals and their counterparts from around the world.
The term fashion in UAE conjures up images of resplendent gowns, trendy designer abayas, hijabs and jilbābs, kurtas and lehengas with a Middle Eastern touch, and smart shirts with well-fitted trousers or skirts. The changing face of fashion in UAE has resulted in new professionals flocking to the style industry here to make their mark on it with edgy, innovative work. New fashion designers are setting up boutiques, photographers building studios, models auditioning for fashion shows and magazines chronicling all these changes and more within fashion in UAE.
MOJEH, based in Dubai, is a luxury fashion magazine that keeps its readers informed about fashion in UAE and around the world. The content is original, fresh, adhering to only the highest editorial and visual standards, and tailor-made to suit Middle Eastern women. Best suited as a voice to let the world know what’s happening when it comes to fashion in UAE, MOJEH nurtures the essence of Middle Eastern culture while forming a connecting link with fashion all around the world.