Fashion Magazine

What makes a good Fashion Magazine?

The evolution and consolidation of the fashion magazine is a fascinating tale that every self-respecting stylista should be well-versed with. Interestingly, when the first magazines in the world were printed, the word was derived from the Arabic term ‘makhazin’ which translates to ‘storehouses’ – a usage to denote that these periodicals were something of a storehouse of information! While early magazines were printed exclusively for ‘gentlemen’, today it is surely the fairer sex that has the upper hand when it comes to readership of magazines all over the world – whether it is a magazine that focuses on health, housekeeping, sex, science, news or of course, the ubiquitous fashion magazine.

A good fashion magazine easily incorporates on-the-go accessibility with the wealth of opinion and information that modern communication has made available to the masses. At the end of the day, a fashion magazine is all about successfully incorporating reams of knowledge from the information highway and presenting it in an uncomplicated yet comprehensive, sophisticated yet fun format.

A fashion magazine must manage to be an authority on a range of lifestyle topics, ranging across beauty, pop culture, spiritualism, music, literature, health and nutrition, travel, hospitality, epicurean delights, as well as emotional well-being. Not to mention that the writing and editorial inputs must be of the very highest quality. Most importantly, a good fashion magazine keeps a fashionista up-to-date on the most avant garde concepts, the latest trends in couture, and what she can choose from to forge her own distinctive style. But at the end of the day, we all must agree that the very first thing that a successful fashion magazine manages to have, is an iconic, eye-catching cover style! A reader looking for an interesting fashion magazine on the newsstands or even the online domain is instantly attracted towards striking imagery that managed to capture the fleeting allure of fashion trends.

In a worthy fashion magazine, one can expect eye-catching colours, a comprehensive display of the latest products, clothing and accessories, photo shoots that capture the most happening in concepts, couture and beauty, a sounding board for the voices of established and upcoming designers, their expositions and their dynamic thought processes. The fashion magazine should, in an appealing interface, manage to capture trends, themes, art, glamour, leisure, luxury, and the flavour of the season! Finally, a fashion magazine worth its salt easily manages to transport the reader through exotic locales, must-have couture and accessories, and an aspirational lifestyle that is ardently coveted. When a reader picks up a fashion magazine, very often he or she often wants to also read about style icons or even inspirations from every domain of life. Their stories, thoughts and prophesies also make for an essential aspect of any style periodical. At the same time, a fashion magazine should also walk the fine line between a global and a local focus, and try to keep their inclinations global at best.

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