Dubai Fashion Week

Dubai Fashion Week – Glamour and Glory!

The Dubai Fashion Week is a mega-fashion event that brings together the glitz and glamour of the fashion world not only from the Middle East and neighbouring regions, but with fashion elements from everywhere in the world. Dubai Fashion Week takes place, as its name suggests, in Dubai, which has today become a fashion capital of a high standing. Fashion weeks have become a mainstay of the fashion industry over time – a tradition of displaying the byword in style every season on the world’s most beautiful models wearing the creations of the most visionary fashion designers. While the hottest fashion weeks take place in the fashion capitals of the world – Paris, Milan, London and New York – many upcoming centres of fashion host their own fashion weeks proudly, of which the Dubai Fashion Week is a prime example. 

The actual Dubai Fashion Week is a bi-annual event, that was first initiated in 2005-06. It brings together the most exclusive and promising in style in the Middle East and South Asia, and transforms the concept into a platform for several fashion designers. Most importantly, the Dubai Fashion Week takes a strong regional focus and gives a boost to the work of budding as well as established fashion designers from the whole region and beyond, including the UAE, Lebanon, Qatar, Egypt, Bahrain, India, Pakistan, London, Australia and more. Another stand-out feature of the Dubai Fashion Week is the prominence it gives to collections and haute couture that pay a strong homage to customs and traditions of the Middle East. Designer abayas, hijabs, jilbābs, gowns and more, fixed into flowing and austere cuts both in striking colours and subtle tones, float down the runway on stunning models at the Dubai Fashion Week, in all their splendour. For example, abayas with metallic embellishments, splashes of bright colour, floral detailing, crystal-studded patterns and many more inventive adaptations can be seen on the runways of the Dubai Fashion Week.
Names in fashion design like Nabrman, Barjis Chohan, Homa Qamar, Mohammed AlMarri’s label Dan Couture, Hanayen, Mehwish Afzal, Abeer AlSuwaidi, Cartas, Dabya and Wafa Al Kathiri echo with those of Meher & Riddhima, Jaya Misra, Sakina Mohsin and Shrekahnth, as they display a host of brilliantly-crafted collections to the who’s who of the Middle East and Asian fashion world at Dubai Fashion Week. The collections at the Dubai Fashion Week are traditional yet modern, courageous and classy, elegant and full of spunk, and have easily managed to wow the style industry for the last half decade. Flashes of jewel colours, elegant pieces in black and white, luxuriant fabrics, revolutionary cuts, flowing drapes, exquisite detailing, all come together in a striking whirlwind of style at Dubai Fashion Week.
MOJEH proudly examines the very ‘hautest’ in every Dubai Fashion Week, bringing to its readers every hit and miss that walks down that runway. MOJEH chronicles style trends inspired from the visions presented at Dubai Fashion Week such that its fashion-forward readers are the very first to know what’s hot and what’s not every season.